Conference Topics

We welcome contributions grounded in empirical approaches to studying translation, as well as theoretical and position papers on the following topics:

  • Corpus-based and corpus-driven methodology in multilingual corpora
  • Models and methods in translation studies and contrastive linguistics
  • Register/genre variation in multilingual corpora
  • Specific features of translation seen through parallel/comparable corpora
  • Translation in specific settings: between close languages, from a third language, non-native translation, translation corpora in EU institutions, etc.
  • Spoken language in translation and corpora
  • The use of corpora in translator/interpreter training
  • The use of corpora in translation quality assessment
  • Machine translation: analysis of neural MT models, selection and preparation of data for MT, ‘translationese’ in MT
  • Manual and automatic methods for evaluating translation quality and MT suitability for post-editing
  • The communicative aspect of studying translation: the communication chain from sender to final recipient
  • Computer-assisted translation/interpreting (CAT/CAI – new developments, CAT vis-à-vis MT, CAT UI, UX)
  • MT post-editing (MTPE types, practices, approaches, ethics)