First Circular

Translation in Transition 6

Prague, Czech Republic

22nd and 23rd September 2022

First Circular


  • The second version of the conference programme has now been published. We did our best to accommodate all your wishes regarding the timing of your talks. All changes (compared to the first version published about a month ago) have been discussed with the individual presenters, but we recommend to check the programme once again.


  • The Book of Abstracts is now online. We believe that it will help you in deciding which talk to choose. We would like to thank you for your cooperation in uploading your revised abstracts!


  • Each standard presentation is given a 30-minute slot in the programme: 20 minutes for the presentation, 5 minutes for the discussion and 5 minutes for changing the rooms, handing over from onsite to online and other technical issues. Please respect the time and instructions from section chairs.
  • In case of multiple authors, some of who would be present onsite and some online, we strongly recommend not to switch from onsite to online presentation and vice versa during your talk. Please choose one presenting author. This pertains only to the presentation, all present (onsite as well as online) co-authors can of course get involved in the discussion.
  • PBML journal is already online, printed version will be available at the registration desk.


  • There will be a data projector in every room connected to a desktop computer with the main Zoom session running, so please bring a USB stick with your presentation with you and copy it to the desktop before your session starts. The desktop can handle pdf and ppt/pptx formats. Should you wish to use another format, please contact our support staff in advance.
  • Due to the hybrid setup of the conference, there will be some technical limitations for onsite presenters. Most importantly, it will NOT be possible to use your own laptop for the presentation. Apart from other technical difficulties that could arise from moving the host Zoom session to the laptop, the main reason is that the local sound system can only mix together sound from the microphones with the main desktop, not an external laptop.
  • When engaging in a discussion, please always remember to use a microphone so that on-line participants can follow your comment.


  • Please connect to the Zoom link of your virtual room at least 10 minutes before the beginning of the session to test the sound and connection.
  • Please make sure to use a high-quality microphone. A headset is recommended, but not necessary.
  • In Zoom, please join the room with your name and surname. Mute yourself when you are not speaking.